February 28, 2024

Revive Environmental partners on PFAS destruction services

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Partnership with Northeast Purification Systems brings PFAS concentration and destruction services to New England.

Columbus, Ohio-based contamination mitigation and water treatment company Revive Environmental has partnered with Northeast Purification Systems (NEPS) to destroy per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and mitigate further contamination risks across the New England region.

The partnership combines NEPS’ remediation trucking and logistics expertise with Revive’s PFAS Annihilator technology, which the company says will provide New England organizations with a complete end-to-end PFAS liability management solution.

Known as “forever chemicals” due to their extremely strong carbon-fluorine bonds, PFAS are found in many consumer and industrial products. According to the company, the partnership will help organizations across the region remove PFAS from inventories, processes and waste streams to avoid fines, shutdowns, additional cleanup and reputational damage as the regulatory environment accelerates around PFAS.

“We are thrilled to partner with NEPS to make PFAS destruction a reality in New England,” Revive Environmental President and CEO David Trueba says. “Organizations are facing significant risks from PFAS, and this partnership will enable them to responsibly and confidently destroy PFAS, eliminating liability and making water safe for all.”

Revive’s PFAS Annihilator, operating commercially since March 2023, uses supercritical water oxidation, a process that leverages intense heat and pressure to break down the carbon-fluorine bonds and destroy PFAS, leaving behind only clean water, inert salts and nominal carbon dioxide.

“NEPS could not be more excited to be partnering with Revive Environmental to provide first-class PFAS treatment services in New England,” says Mark Sanborn, NEPS partner and director of government relations. “As federal, state and local governments continue to evaluate the standards they will be requiring for PFAS contamination, we believe the treatment services offered by Revive and NEPS will be an effective solution for public and private sector organizations to meet these new requirements along with the ever-changing expectations of the public at large.”

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